Personal Automations

Let Personal AI automate your email and calendar management, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your communication and schedules.

Please Note

Personal Automations will only work if you have already authorized and turned on the Manage Emails and Manage Calendar abilities.

With Personal Automation, Personal AI enhances your productivity through:

  1. Customized Email Summaries: Automatically receive a summary of your most important emails, or emails from specific senders, at your chosen time each day, ensuring you never miss crucial information and can quickly grasp the essence of your unread messages.

  2. Proactive Calendar Management: Start each day informed with a list of your upcoming meetings and events, delivered to you every morning. This proactive approach helps in better planning and time management.

Showcasing Automated Communication & Scheduling

From auto-summarizing emails to scheduling updates, ALL SIMPLIFIED:

Personal Automations: a Tour

  1. Switch It On: Navigate to the [Abilities] tab within Personal AI. Under the Automations section, locate the Personal Automation ability and click the gear [⚙️] icon.

  2. Set Up Email Automation: Click [New Automation] and click [Email], specify your email automation needs, such as summarizing top unread emails or filtering messages from certain senders. You can further click [Modify settings] to choose a time for these tasks to be executed daily, automating your inbox management.

  3. Configure Calendar Automation: Click [New Automation] and click [Calendar], Instruct Personal AI on your calendar preferences, like listing upcoming meetings each morning. You can further click [Modify settings] to set a daily time for this automation, ensuring you're always prepared for your day ahead.

  4. Check Results on Pins: Visit the [Pins] page to view the outcomes of your personal automations. Stay connected and informed!


We're dedicated to providing a cost-effective and efficient service. If you haven't logged into MindOS for 5 days, we'll temporarily pause your Personal Automations to conserve resources.

But you can reactivate anytime by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into MindOS.

  2. Navigate to your Personal AI's [Abilities] tab.

  3. Switch on the Personal Automations that you have set.