Preference (beta)

Preference in Personal AI's Memory allows for easy customization to align with your unique tastes and preferences, ensuring a more personalized service.

How to Tell Personal AI Your Preferences?

Each preference you set guides your Personal AI in specific situations, ensuring it responds and operates in ways that align with your unique needs and style.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough:

  1. Navigate to Preferences: Go to the Preference page within Personal AI's Memories.

  2. Add a Preference: Click [+Add Preference] to start customizing.

  3. Define Your Preference: Enter the details of your preference and specify the scenarios or AI Abilities where it should be applied.

  4. Save and Implement: Hit "Save" to confirm your settings. Your Personal AI will now reference these preferences as defined.

This simple process ensures that your Personal AI interacts and performs tasks in a manner that's tailored just for you.