Code Autopilot (beta)

Let Memory Twin help you with programming. It can write, edit, and optimize code for various tasks like creating a game or performing data analysis.

With Code Autopilot, Memory Twin targets and resolves coding tasks:

  1. Task-Oriented Coding: Whether it's building a small game or developing a website, Memory Twin directly addresses these challenges by generating and refining relevant code.

  2. Real-Time Code Optimization: Memory Twin continuously analyzes and optimizes your code for performance and efficiency, ensuring your projects are not only functional but also effective.

Showcasing Code Booster

With just one prompt, Memory Twin developed a playable Snake game that can be opened and run in Canvas:

Code Autopilot: a Tour

  1. Switch It On: Navigate to the [Abilities] tab within Memory Twin. In the Advanced section, you'll find the Code Autopilot ability. Switch it on.

  2. Execute Your Task: Simply describe the coding project you need assistance with, be it developing a small game, automating a task, or analyzing data. Memory Twin will understand your requirements and start crafting a suitable code solution.